Caring for your memorymatte


Your memorymatte is a handcrafted piece of artwork that combines a photograph with your personal story.


While it is durable, it also has an ideal environment to ensure its longest possible life. Hang your memorymatte where there is little moisture and few temperature shifts. Avoid humid environments. Select a location that is free from tight traffic to ensure your memorymatte does not get knocked down, damaged or scuffed by passersby. Finally, keep your memorymatte out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time and if you are storing your memorymatte, keep it in its original box in a dark cool location, free of moisture.


Hanging your memorymatte


For your convenience, all of the hanging hardware you will need has been included with your memorymatte. Your memorymatte will come completely ready to hang. All you have to do is fasten a hook to the wall.


1. Start by locating the wall on which you'd like to feature your memorymatte.


2. Find the center of the wall by measuring and dividing the wall length in half.


3. Make a small tick on the wall where you'd like the top of your memorymatte to align.


4. Measure the distance from the center of the hanging wire when tense, to the top of the frame.


5. Now measure that same distance from your tick mark downwards and make another tick mark.


6. Insert the nail through the holes in the hangar so the nail is at a 45 degree angle.


7. Gently fasten the hook to the wall with a small hammer, striking the nail at its angle.


8. Hang your memorymatte from the wire to the hook and make sure it is level.


Cleaning your memorymatte


Using a soft, damp, microfiber lint-free cloth, wash the surface with warm soapy water. Do not spray directly onto the plexiglass to avoid water seeping between the frame and glass. You can use liquid dish soap or any natural cleaning solution—however never use ammonia-based cleansers. Rinse and dry the protective plexiglass with another soft, lint-free cloth.


Do not allow the protective shield to air dry, otherwise water spots will be left behind. Avoid using paper towels in the cleaning process, because they are abrasive enough to cause small scratches and can eventually appear cloudy.