group gifting 101
Designate the Leader
All good projects can get stressful when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. To limit the havoc, we find it's best to elect someone in your group one to be your matte-maker-in-chief. A friend with particularly good writing, editing and spelling skills always comes in handy! Your memorymatte “leader”can manage the account (it's so easy!) and add your text to the storyboarding tool. Having a lead editor can also help you narrow down the memories into commonalities, shared thoughts and descriptions, and serve as the hub for all of your storytelling as a group.
Ask a Series of Questions
When collecting memories, be sure to distribute a short list of questions (no more than five) designed to illicit shared memories, feelings and experiences. Send the list of approved questions to your group, making sure that the asks are consistent. In some cases, your memorymatte leader can combine your individual responses into a group message—in other situations, she/he can collect the individual messages and put them all into one Matte just as they are. Just imagine a Matte where there are five funny accounts of the same memory photographed in the memorymatte!
Establish Deadlines
As with all group projects, there are often looming deadlines hanging over your head—from holidays to weddings to baby showers to birthdays, anniversaries and beyond. Especially when working with multiple friends, do not wait until the last moment to get started. Put your thinking cap on earlier in the process and be sure, as a leader, to establish deadlines for sending out drafts and queries. This way, you'll likely spend more time creating memorymattes and less time playing the copy police!
Have Fun
In the end, try to have fun! Putting together a group memory doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Making time to share and laugh amongst each other about the special times with your recipient (even while working on your Matte) can allow for a more enriched point of view—one that your recipient will likely adore