crowdsourcing a memory
There is nothing more personal than giving the gift of a memory—especially when it comes to a shared experience. The possibilities for working together to crowdsource a collective memory are endless. Giving a group memorymatte is as simple as asking the right question and consolidating the answers, and then we automate the process to take it from there!
Are you bridesmaids looking for the perfect bridal shower gift? A group of best friends since childhood? Siblings who want to celebrate your parents’ anniversary? Co-workers looking to say farewell to a mentor? Students thanking a teacher? The possibilities are endless. The first step in the process is picking your people, and penning an email with a link to the memorymatte website, a deadline and one question that everyone can answer!
Pick one question that everyone can answer and ask them to respond in 200 words or less. Here’s a list that can inspire you!
  • Describe the moment you first met Robin.
  • What’s your best piece of marriage advice for Amy?
  • What was your first thought when baby Jeremy came home?
  • What’s your funniest memory with Bob?
  • Tell Don's most embarrassing story.
  • What three words do you think of when you think of Andy?
  • What’s the most valuable lesson David ever gave you?
  • ...and so on.
Once you have your text collected, it’s as simple as cutting and pasting each entry into your memorymatte tool. If you’re a master wordsmith, you can edit as you wish! If not, the magic of memorymatte is seeing these collections of memories side by side, just as they are, wrapped around your photo on full display! Are you the gift-giver, but still afraid to tackle the task of managing the process? Just ask a friend to help!