choosing the perfect picture
The adage says that one picture says a thousand words—and here at memorymatte, we could not agree more! Choosing the perfect photograph for your Matte might come more easily to some of you than others. Here are some questions to ask yourself while selecting the best shot for your Matte.
Is your picture compelling?
When you look at the photo, is there something about it that makes you feel a certain way? Does it give you goosebumps? Do you feel your face smile whenever you look at it? Does is conjure up a memory from the moment it was taken? Why is it your favorite?
Is your picture high quality?
Unlike a web shot or photo worthy of a social media share, a photograph for memorymatte should be a high resolution photograph that won't pixelate when it's blown up in size and printed. You don't want it to blur out when it is printed and surrounded by your text—our tool is built to help you know what size memorymatte will be best for your photo. But remember to choose the highest quality shot if you can!
Is this picture optimal for black-and-white?
At memorymatte, we have deliberately selected a signature black-and-white finish to provide an iconic photo-journalistic aspect to your pictures. Consider how your photo will look in black and white when choosing the best image.
Is your picture clutter-free?
Memories are sometime messy but often you might have more than one photo of a moment to choose from. Look for the shot with the least irrelevant clutter such as a car in the background, a stranger in the frame or a strange glare.
Is your picture a keeper?
Remember that a memorymatte is often a gift you give to someone else to display—so think about the question, do you think they’ll want to keep this picture and this text up on their wall for life? You might look better in another photo or you might find the story funnier than they do, but opt for the one where they look better or the story is the way they want to think about it. In other words, do for them as you’d like them to do for you!